Over 35 Miles Of Jamestown Trails To Explore

Beside the Jamestown Reservoir or Pipestem lake, scenic trails cross sweeping prairie and dive down along wooded shores.

Boasting some of the best trails in North Dakota, outdoor enthusiasts of all ages will find the heart-pounding adventure they're looking for on Jamestown trails.

Traverse scenic views and varied terrain on paved, unpaved, short, long, easy, or challenging trails. For simple easy walks, many parks within Jamestown feature walking trails as well.

Arctic | 3.1 Miles

Designed for cross country running, this 3.1-mile trail is located near what once was Arctic Dakota Territory.

Beaver Dam | 2 Miles

Jamestown’s newest trail! Located on the east side of the Jamestown Reservoir, this little loop has scenic views over the Jamestown Reservoir and Little Britches Fishing Pond.

Island | 3.14 Miles

This beautiful trail in Jamestown is geared for bike enthusiasts. It may only be 3.14 miles, but the elevations are intense! Check out the Island Trail between Split Rock and Overlook on the Jamestown Reservoir.

North Ridge | 5 Miles

This nature trail stretches 5 miles along the north edge of Pipestem Lake, winding over rolling prairie with a view of the lake and woodlands. This is an easier trail than the Pipestem Creek Trail, but still unpaved. Enter this trail on the east side of Pipestem Dam, north of the office.

Overlook | 5 Miles

If you are looking for a beautiful view over the Jamestown Reservoir and don’t mind a challenge, this trail is for you. Unpaved and 5 miles, you can access this trail near the public beach near Lakeside Marina or at Joos Grove. This trail is equipped with a bike repair station.

Pipestem | 8 Miles

Take the outer circle of this challenging scenic unpaved trail for 3 miles, or really get your heart pumping by completing the full 8 miles. The trail begins at the east side of the Pipestem Dam, south of the office. This is the trail used in several races in the area including the Gear Grinder Mountain Bike Race. This trail is equipped with a bike repair station.

Split Rock | 1.8 Miles

Named for a tree growing through a rock on the trail, Split Rock Trail is 1.8 miles of unpaved trail running parallel to the paved trail at the Jamestown Reservoir. Enter this trail at the face of the dam on the east side or straight across from the North Dakota Game and Fish office.

White Cloud | 9.5 Miles

This challenging trail begins at the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge in McElroy Park and leads you along the James River, behind the summer pasture where the bison herd roams, and circles the North Dakota State Hospital grounds.

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