Talking Trail

The Talking Trail will immerse you in the stories that have made Jamestown the community it is today.


This self-guided audio adventure has 70 stops throughout the area, including the Frontier Village, North American Bison Discovery Center, Historic 1883 Stutsman County Courthouse, and St. James Basilica. Visit a few of particular interest to you or embark on a quest to hear every one of the Talking Trail stops. It’s up to you.

The process is simple. There are trail stops throughout the community. All you need is your cellphone.

Dial 701-712-9329, then enter the number of your particular stop followed by the # key.

For example, to hear about the World’s Largest Buffalo Monument from artist Elmer Petersen, dial 701-712-9329, 118#.

Further Resources

Talking Trail Brochure

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