Peggy Lee

Discover Norma Delores Egstrom’s childhood home. The North Dakota girl who would become the iconic Peggy Lee.

Peggy Lee is said to have sung before she could talk. At age eight she proclaimed she would one day be a singer and often sang or played piano at church.

Peggy is seated front row, third from the right. Photo taken after her Confirmation at St. Johns Lutheran Church in Jamestown.

Born Norma Delores Egstrom in Jamestown at Trinity Hospital, Peggy Lee had a hard childhood. Her mother passed away when she was 4-years-old and her stepmother was abusive; but that never put out the musical fire in her.

Peggy singing with the Benny Goodman Band

Norma was always looking for ways to sing. She would hitch-hike to Valley City, N.D. to sing on KOVC Radio. She moonlighted at the Gladstone Hotel Cafe so she could sing on the radio station housed there. After graduating from high school in Wimbledon, N.D. she moved to Fargo to perform on WDAY Radio – where she met Ken Kennedy who dubbed her “Peggy Lee.” She went on to Los Angeles and from there became a sought after singer and songwriter with her “quiet intensity” that could capture a room.

To learn more about Peggy Lee, visit Wimbledon N.D. – home to the Midland Continental Depot Transportation Museum and Peggy Lee exhibit. You can visit the Museum virtually by clicking here.

You can also take the Self-Guided Tour through Jamestown.

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