White Buffalo

White buffalo in Jamestown ND, photo by Bill Tanata

The White Buffalo is held sacred by American Indian tradition. The White Buffalo Calf Woman Legend speaks of the history of an important peace pipe for the Lakota Nation. The herd owned by the National Buffalo Museum holds one of these rare creatures, Dakota Miracle. There are multiple locations to try to see this amazing animal, so don't be afraid to ask where he is roaming.


About 90% of the summer pasture can be seen from the viewing deck of the National Buffalo Museum. Admission to the museum is $5 for adults, $4 for senior or AAA member, and $1 for students). Free will donation to enter the Frontier Village.


The National Buffalo Museum is located at 500 17th St NE (located through the gates of the Frontier Village). The heard roams the lands around the Museum in the summer and moves to an adjacent pasture for the winter. The World's Largest Buffalo Monument is in the same area as well.



800-807-1511 or 701-252-8648


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