Parks and Recreation

Whether you want playground equipment, softball fields or trails, you'll find the park or recreation area that you are looking for in Jamestown.

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Jamestown Parks and Recreation maintains several facilities in Jamestown. McElroy, Klaus, and the Hillcrest Athletic Complex are the largest recreation areas in Jamestown. In the summer, Jamestown Parks and Recreation offers a Parks Program with events and activites. In the fall, there are several leagues to choose from. In the winter, there are several winter activities including skating, sledding, and open gyms. 

  • McElroy (1000 block 2nd Ave SE)
  • Klaus (3rd St and 5th Ave SW -- where the rivers meet)
  • Hillcrest Athletic Complex (3rd St and 15th Ave SE)
  • Nickeus (10th St and 1st Ave SW)
  • Feton (8th St and 4th Ave NE)
    • Tennis Courts
  • Leapaldt (15th St and 9th Ave NE)
    • Playground and picnic equipment
  • Bolinger (5th St and 3rd Ave NW)
    • Tennis Courts
  • Meidinger (10th St and 17th Ave SW)
    • Playground and picnic equipment
  • Buchholtz (19th St and 6th Ave NE)
    • Playground and picnic equipment
  • Wilson Arena (1009 7th St NE)
    • Ice rinks
    • Playground and picnic equipment
  • Solien-Denault (3rd St and 16th Ave SE)
  • Pepper's Dog Park (103 13th St SW)

Recreation Areas

Just north of Jamestown, you will find developed areas around the Jamestown Reservoir and the Pipestem Dam & Lake. You'll find paved and unpaved trails, a disc golf course, fishing and more.